Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's been a while since.....

Thing is, I haven't been up to date for the whole month or so. Blame it on the work and the com being occupied. Truth is, it's the job. Until I get used to the hours or the com being available, it's going to be fewer updates for my blog for a while. (Face facts, just say you're too damn lazy to do anything about it.)

Enough of my excuses of not updating the blog as I should. Anyway, it's been almost a month since I started my career in UOB Malaysia (1st paycheck coming!!). Life in KL has been... full of changes and challenges. Can't really imagine myself getting up when it's still dark outside and starting to go to work before sunrise. Then again, it's not like I haven't done the same thing before. Internship at RSM back in my 3rd year was not much different than now. Just that the job description, responsibilities and pay is a lot different.

Thanks to Stephanie, I've found a couple of places to enjoy my meals while not overspending every meal there. Pick 'n' Brew @ 1Utama and Fullhouse in NZX turns out to be real nice places to go to for meals and time killing.

Also, my long awaited books which I ordered online ages ago finally arrived, think it's about time the publisher delivered. Anyway, I'll be signing out for now. (Writer's block and lack of a comfy keyboard to use)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Goodbye Penang, Hello KL

Originally, I wanted to post up a blog late last night / early this morning to mark my last blog from Penang in a long while. Oh well, as I was a bit pressed on time thanks to sleeping in more than I wanted and last minute packing, can't do much about it cept for making up for it by posting asap.

As far as my last night in Penang is concerned, there's Fifi's birthday do at the beach. Besides cooking food with whatever we could use, the booze options are quite varied.

Andrew: that vodka was nasty. Can get another one next time?
Rueben: need bigger fire
Samantha: u're fun.
Fifi: ....happy birthday?

arghhh.......... ain't good at making shout-outs

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Of food being next to memories

First and foremost, this isn't about comfort food. Having restaurants opening up near my old school seem to invoke a certain amount of nostalgia whenever I pass the area. Then again, the memories does not affect me as much as they affect others. Still, I did miss the cheap food from the canteen. Good too, for the price that I use to pay.

Obake-ya (Japanese food, Leith Street)

Inside one of the dining areas

View from the inside

Primary attraction: Theme (prison theme)
Main turn-off: No photos allowed, pricey food
Food quality: so-so

After being tipped-off by Stephanie regarding a rumour of a prison/jail themed concept restaurant, I checked the place out. Managed to convince Siew Wun (there's still the trip for snow beer next time around) to accompany me as eating alone is plain sad. While the menu selection is quite a lot, it's hard to make a decision. As for sets, there's only ONE (1) set available, called the jail set. Apt for the place, since prisoners don't get much of a choice anyway. Honestly, I wouldn't mind having the jail set, but the rest of the menu was quite a disappointment. The smoked salmon salad was served in an interesting manner (layered inside a tall glass/vase), but makes getting the salad out using chopsticks a real pain in the ass. Worst part is, no pictures allowed.. by order of the management. With that, even the fancy drinks n colourful cocktails won't redeem the place much.

Verdict: just for the experience...

Passage though India (Indian food, Leith Street)

(No pic available, sorry people)

Primary attraction: The Indian themed decor
Main turn-off: Strong smell of incense which might be unsuitable for some
Food quality: Excellent

Didn't realize that there's a branch opening at the area until the dinner at Red Garden food court. With set lunch promos going for about RM 13+, it seemed worth trying as a meal of nasi kandar will set you back between RM 5 - 10 at least, with meat and briyani rice. Also, the name of the place did have a reputation of being good, but pricey. Then again, no harm done trying out the set lunch since they're promoting it. So, I managed to talk my dad into going there for lunch the other day. Had variations of chicken and a lamb dish. The masala tea is somehow flavourful, but might not be your cup of tea. Unless you have a palate that is used and numbed by spicy food to the point where anything short of a cili padi will not register, you will agree that the food is good once you tried it. The naan bread does have a bit to be desired though. Then again, they serve good food here.

Verdict: Might come again for lunch, when I happen to be near and out-vetoed others to eat here.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Movie madness season (summer releases)

Now that it's summer in the US, there's a whole load of movies being released, which means quite a bit of catching up with the nearby neighborhood cineplex and hoping for good seats.

Movies to watch / (watched so far)

1. Kung Fu Panda (skadoosh..)
2. The Incredible Hulk (Hulk...smash...)
3. Get Smart (...Anne Hathaway's hot)
4. Wanted (bullet bending & Angelina Jolie's hotness)
5. Hancock (your head will go up his @$$...*noise*, voila! a centaur)
6. Hellboy 2
7. Dark Knight
8. Red Cliff
9. Mummy 3
10. Wall-E
11. (to be updated... someone remind me)

Going to keep my fingers crossed that I'll not be dragged to watch kung fu mixed up with other elements (gambling for the most obvious example), but gun fu is most welcome. Going off for now...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No Turning Back

This is it folks, my last stay in Penang for a long while. Next time I'll be back in Penang is for vacation, taken off my annual leave allocation. Can't believe that in exactly 1 month, I'll be back in KL looking for a place to stay and getting familiarized with KL roads. Which leaves me here doing mostly low budget activities most of the time or straightening things out.

Things to do before I leave (hopefully able to):
1. Get a dental examination (can't remember the last time)
2. Service my car
3. Eat at places I'll miss
4. Pay old friends a visit
5. Have tandoori chicken at Kapitan's
6. Get my STPM cert mailed to me (I forgot to claim it back then)
7. Have some Jap food at the usual places
8. Try out some snow beer @ Church St Cafe
9. Lose a few kg
10. Have some Bah Kut Teh @ Macalister Road
11. Watch Wanted
12. Supper @ Chulia St (curry mee, wan tan mee & fruit juice)
13. Watch Hancock
14. Have a meal near the jetty (hope they buck up their quality this time)
15. Grab a Venti mug from starbucks

Funny thing about employment is when you send out a mountain of resumes and wait for interview calls, is the interview calls and offers that comes through. After signing up with one, the rest just decide to call you up for interviews and some can be really persuasive. Unfortunately, have to turn them down as you're already signed up.

Companies that I have turned down interview calls (in chronological order), so far:
1. Western Digital
2. Intel
3. Reckitt Benckiser
4. Philips Lumined

It felt bad to turn them down, and sorry for the HR personnel making the calls. Either way, I've already signed on for a job.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Changelog 110608

1. Set up a link to Paul / Paulinahhh, Yong and Tong, the UTAR citizens who prefers dim sum over morning lectures. Added link to metalhead Pathma, good ol' friend from the hell hole called UTeM.

2. Cannot believe the fact that I just turned down the interview for Western Digital Graduate Trainee Programme.

3. Will have headaches over some planning for living and working in KL.

4. Still excited over the acceptance into UOBM Management Associate Programme 2008.

5. Cannot believe the fact that I just turned down the interview for Western Digital Graduate Trainee Programme.

6. Cannot believe the fact that I just turned down the interview for Western Digital Graduate Trainee Programme.

7. Confused over the link for Paul... which one is has more traffic or updated more frequently? Guess I'll leave it at that for now.

8. Wonders if that's so wrong to be a ladies man (?!?)... or having gals' boyfriend hating me (not like I'm competing). Or is it a crime to be nice?????? No wonder I almost flunk ethics

9. Is hungry.................

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Interview call & Fuel price increase

Finally, after quite a long period of sending out resumes and such I finally got a call for interview. Not that I haven't attended any interview before this, but this is the first news that I got from another company for a long time. Well, there was a call earlier in the morning, but that's by a 3rd party headhunting firm, or so I think. It was regarding one of my applications being turned down due to lack of experience, but will refer me for a tech support position, which turned out to be at Dell.

What the heck, anyway still better than no news. But then, got a call in the afternoon by WD for an interview for their Graduate Trainee program. Sounds better than the morning offer at any rate. Usual drill, "Please bring along your certifications, original and photocopies". And with the interview being just after office hours, at least I get to eat straight after the interview.

Still, better than some people that I happen to know who'll go "OMG, it's WD!!! what am i to do". Bloody drama queens.

Though there's something that'll make me go "OMG!!! WTF?!?". Fuel price increase. Petrol price will go up by 78 cents to RM2.70/liter (WTF?!?!?) and will be up to RM4.00/liter in Aug (again, WTF?!?!). This sucks, literally because the car I'm currently driving now is relatively fuel efficient but not that efficient compared to other cars as it seemed a bit underpowered. This is going to cause some hair loss.

Oh well, time to carpool and get cramped in the commuter services... provided the services actually buck up their performance. More excuses to carpool anyway, at least something different than saying "you're driving today, i'm sleep deprived".